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Catalogue of PZPN and OZPN badges to 1975

Catalogue of PZPN and OZPN badges to 1975Catalogue of PZPN and OZPN badges to 1975
Publisher: Sendsport
  • Original title: Katalog odznak PZPN i OZPN do 1975 roku
  • Author: Andrzej Grabowski, Zbigniew Malinowski
  • Year of publication: 2012
  • ISBN: 978-83-61418-07-8
  • Number of pages: 68
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Country of Publication: Poland


Language: Polish



Language: English


Autor: Andrzej Grabowski, Zbigniew Malinowski
Publisher: Sendsport
Year of publication: 2012
Cover price: 69 PLN
ISBN: 978-83-61418-07-8
Number of pages: 68
Edition: 250 numbered copies
Cover: hardcover
Dimensions (mm): 234 (height), 165 (width), 11 (thickness)
Weight: 400 g.
Colour: yes

Description: The catalogue is a great compliation that presents the badges of the Polish Football Association and Regional Football Associations. Most of the publications concerning the Polish football concentrate on the history, results, statistics and biographies of the football players. In this unique book you can track the changes in the Polish Football Associations (structural and organisational, colours, emblems etc.) through the badges.
Each description contains:
- type, characteristics (organizational, jubilee),
- size (height, width),
- technique of manufacturing (enamel, varnished, metal),
- way of affixing (screw, pin, safety pin, etc.)
- date of issuing.

What is great about the book is that all the badges are presented in 1:1 scale.


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