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The South American Football Yearbook 2014 - 2015

The South American Football Yearbook 2014 - 2015
Publisher: Książka
  • Author: Gabriel Mantz
  • Year of Publication: 2014
  • Number of pages: 555
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Country of Publication: Great Britain

Language: English

Author: Gabriel Mantz
Publisher: Soccer Books Ltd
Year of Publication: 2014
Cover price: 32.5 GBP
Number of pages: 555
Edition: not given
Cover: paperback
Dimentions (mm): 210 (height), 148 (widht)
Colour: black and white
Statistics, tables: yes

Opis: This 5th edition is a statistical yearbook of both domestic and international football in South America during the 2013-2014 season. Includes full line-ups and statistics for international matches played by the countries who are members of the CONMEBOL governing body which oversees South American football together with basic player information (name, date of birth and club) for those who appeared in these games. For domestic football, this book contains a historical list of champions for each country, results of every League game (for the first time) and a final League table for the past season, information about each National Cup Final, player listings for the top division clubs plus some other statistics. Finally, this book also includes full statistics for the Copa Libertadores 2013 and the Copa Sudamericana 2013.

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