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Mammoth Book Of The World Cup: The Definitive Guide 1930-2014

Mammoth Book Of The World Cup: The Definitive Guide 1930-2014
Publisher: Książka
  • Author: Nick Holt
  • Year of publication: 2014
  • ISBN: 978-1472110466
  • Number of pages: 800
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Country of Publication: Great Britain

Language: English

Author: Nick Holt
Publisher: Mamoth
Year of publication: 2014
Cover price:
ISBN: 978-1472110466
Number of pages: 800
Cover: paperback
Dimensions (mm): 197 (height), 135 (width)
Sport: football
Statistics, tabels: yes

Description: An all-encompassing, chronological guide to football's World Cup, one of the world's few truly international events, in good time for the June 2014 kick-off in Rio de Janeiro. From its beginnings in 1930 to the modern all-singing, all-dancing self-styled 'greatest show on Earth', every tournament is covered with features on major stars and great games, as well as stories about some less celebrated names and quirky stats and intriguing essays.
Holt's focus is very much on what takes place on the field, rather than how football is a mirror for economic corruption, or how a nation's style of play represents a profound statement about its people, or how a passion for football can lift underpaid, socially marginalised people out of poverty.
There are lots of tables, some filled with obvious, but necessary information, but others with more quirky observations. Alongside accounts of epic games, there are also brief biographies of all the great heroes of the World Cup.

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