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The bards of Polish sport

The bards of Polish sport
Publisher: Książka
  • Original title: Bardowie sportu
  • Author: Bogdan Tuszynski
  • Year of Publication: 2009
  • ISBN: 978-83-86320-98-1
  • Number of pages: 368
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Country of Publication: Poland

Language: Polish

Author: Bogdan Tuszyński
Publisher: Fundacja Dobrej Ksiazki
Year of publication: 2009
Cover price: not given
ISBN: 978-83-86320-98-1
Number of pages: 368
Edition: not given
Cover: hardcover
Dimensions (mm): 300 (height), 210 (width)
Weight: 1600 g.
Colour: yes

Description: Opis: The book is a lexicon of the Polish sports journalists, but it could be also considered as the history of Polish sport. The author presents the achievements of the sports journalists who passed away or who are over 70 years old. Why only these journalists? The author explains that nowadays virtually anyone can write about sports, that is why he wants to document the great names of real sports journalists. The names that you will find in the book, among the others, are: Rudolf Wacek, Kazimierz Hemerling, Mieczyslaw Orlowicz, Bogdan Tomaszewski, Jan Ciszewski, Grzegorz Aleksandrowicz, Jerzy Zmarzlik, Stefan Sieniarski. The book also includes great photographs taken by the best photoreporters: Leszek Fidusiewicz, Wieslaw Ksiazek, Zbigniew Matuszewski, Tomasz Prazmowski, Jan Rozmarynowski, Janusz Szewinski, Mieczyslaw Szymkowski, Mieczyslaw Swiderski, Eugeniusz Warminski.

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