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The history of football in Podlaskie, 1929 - 2009

The history of football in Podlaskie, 1929 - 2009
Publisher: Książka
  • Original title: Pilkarskie Dzieje Podlasia. 80 lat historii piłki noznej w regionie podlaskim: 1929 - 2009
  • Author: Jerzy Gorko
  • Year of Publication: 2010
  • ISBN: 978-83-61418-3-0
  • Number of pages: 1050
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Country of Publication: Poland

Language: Polish

Author: Jerzy Gorko
Year of publication: 2010
Cover price: 139,9 PLN
ISBN: 978-83-61418-3-0
Number of pages: 1050 (!)
Edition: not given
Cover: hardcover
Dimensions (mm): 300 (height), 210 (width), 55 (thickness)
Weight: 3400 g.
Colour: yes
Described clubs: Jagiellonia Bialystok, ŁKS Łomza, Ruch Wysokie Mazowieckie, Wigry Suwałki, Piast Białystok, Hetman Białystok, Sokol Sokolka, Warmia Grajewo, Olimpia Zambrow, Promien Monki, Orzel Kolno, Pogon Lapy, Tur Bielsk Podlaski, MKS Mielnik, Cresovia Siemiatycze, Wissa Szczuczyn, KS Michalowo, Sparta Augustow, Pomorzanka Sejny, Puszcza Hajnowka, Husar Nurzec, Cresovia Grodno, among other teams
Sport: football
Statistics, tables: yes

Description: The book presents the history of football in Podlaskie voivodeship:
- Bialostockie Regional Football Association (existed between 1929 - 2000),
- Lomzyskie Regional Football Association (existed between 1976 - 2000),
- Suwalskie Regional Football Association (existed between 1976 - 2000),
- Podlaskie Regional Football Association (since 2000, as a continuation of Bialostockie, Lomzyskie, Suwalskie, after the change in the administrative division of Poland)

The book is a very impressive monograph of football in Podlaskie voivodeship. It took 10 years to finish the book that documents over 20000 of matches played by the football clubs from Podlaskie in all divisions and age groups. The book is full of statistics, it includes over 400 unique photographs and numerous interesting facts. We extremely reccomend it!

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