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Sport in Breslau

Sport in Breslau
Publisher: Książka
  • Original title: Sport w Breslau
  • Author: Sławomir Szymanski
  • Year of Publication: 2011
  • ISBN: 978-83-245-8966-1
  • Number of pages: 376
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Country of Publication: Poland

Language: Polish

Author: Sławomir Szymanski
Publisher: Wydawnictwo Dolnoslaskie
Year of publication: 2011
Cover price: not given
ISBN: 978-83-245-8966-1
Number of pages: 376
Edition: not given
Cover: hardcover
Dimensions (mm): 220 (height), 160 (width)
Weight: 700 g.
Colour: black and white

Description: The book is a fantastic compilation of the facts about sports life of Breslau in the past. Who, where, and when for the first time started to play football, was rowing on Odra river, and raced on the bikes? How did the fans behave? What kind of customs sportsmen had? Why snow and frost was considered to be the best conditions to play football and it was perceived as ridiculous? The book describes the beginnings and development of the sports life in Breslau, venues that no longer exist, successes and failures of Lower Silesia sportsmen. You will find here the history of Anna Weynel who wanted to swim across La Manche Canal and the description of the stadium were Bayern Munich lost in the Germany Cup match.
There are also numerous photographs and satyrical cartoons from the local newspapers published in the period between Wars.

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