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The Olympic football tournaments (volume 4): Uruguay wins. Paris, 1924.

The Olympic football tournaments (volume 4): Uruguay wins. Paris, 1924.
Publisher: Książka
  • Original title: Die Olympischen Fußballturniere (Band 4): Vergessener Weltmeister Uruguay. Paris 1924
  • Author: Jurgen Buschmann, Karl Lennartz
  • Year of publication: 2005
  • Number of pages: 266
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Country of Publication: Germany

Language: German

Author: Jurgen Buschmann, Karl Lennartz
Publisher: AGON Sportverlag
Year of publication: 2005
Cover price: not given
Number of pages: 266
Edition: not given
Cover: paperback
Dimensions (mm): 210 (height), 148 (width), 20 (thickness)
Weight: 570 g.
Colour: black and white
Sport: football
Statistics, tables: yes

Description: It is a unique collection of books that documents the first football tournaments before the Wars. The book includes: amazing photographs, statistics, biographies of the football players, line-ups, etc. The fourth volume describes the events of: 1924 (Paris)

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